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The Community Free Clinic needs Physicians and health care professionals. If you are interested in volunteering please let us know.

Our Mission
The mission of TCFC is to provide quality free healthcare, education and medications to thousands of people in Madison County without health care benefits. The goals and objectives of the CFC are to improve the quality of life those with few health options through medical treatment and health education.

About Us...
Local physicians donate their time to see patients who have no health insurance and who cannot otherwise afford to be seen by a doctor.

The clinic is a volunteer driven organization. A dispensary is located on site where prescriptions are filled as needed for patients' treatment.

No narcotics are kept or prescribed by the Clinic.

Eligibility for Care
The Clinic sees patients who are residents of Madison County. Patient eligibility is verified with two pieces of identification, one of which must have a current photograph and verification of income. Without these forms, the Clinic has the right to refuse treatment.

Still Have Questions?
Contact our office at (256) 533-2910 for any other clinic questions.


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